Recent news broke that the Battlefield 3 open beta will be launching on all platforms (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC) on September 29th. However, PlayStation 3 owners of Medal of Honor Limited Edition will gain 48 hour early access if they redeem the code that came with the game. In other surprising news, DICE’s Jr. Product Manager Tommy Rydling got on the PlayStation blog and announced that all Battlefield 3 expansion packs will be arriving one week earlier on the PlayStation 3 than the other two platforms.

I can’t help but see this as a move by Sony and EA to try to counteract the exclusive deal that Microsoft and Activision have for the Call of Duty DLC to be released earlier on the Xbox 360. This news doesn’t negatively affect me because I have the PlayStation 3 as my console of choice, however, I do not think these exclusive deals are helping anyone. I think that exclusive deals like this and the Call of Duty deal only hurt the gamers that want to play these games.

Luckily this deal only holds off the expansions for one week but the Call of Duty deal has a larger negative impact for PlayStation 3 and PC players. With exclusive game deals going away, I believe that platforms will continue to garner exclusive content instead and that it will only hurt the gamers. So far I don’t believe that any content has been entirely marked as exclusive to a system, only a timed exclusive, and I hope that these deals never progress beyond that to complete exclusivity, which could potentially lockout players from great content .

Source – PlayStation Blog

2 Responses to “Battlefield 3 Open Beta Starts September 29th, PS3 To Get Expansions First”

  1. Lou Page says:

    Is there any word on how to get into the beta beside metal of honor. I am not huge EA fan but this game intrigues me.

    • Shaun Giddings says:

      I am not sure for the PC or the Xbox 360, although they are probably the same as the PlayStation3, but the beta is completely open starting the 29th. The beta will be available to download for everyone on the PSN under the Battlefield 3 section under all games by title.

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