New Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock Trailer, With Gameplay

Simon Harris, Executive Producer of BBC Worldwide on the new Doctor Who game stopped by the PlayStation Blog and brought with him a brand new trailer for The Eternity Clock and new information regarding the monsters that will be seen in-game. Apparently there will be four main types of baddies in the game including: Cybermen, Daleks, The Silence, and Silurians.

The blog post reveals some interesting information on how they chose The Silence to be in the game, the process of what they did to get the look and feel of the monsters approved, and how they were even told to change some of the look because the show’s crew wanted to tweak the monsters on the show but were unable to and saw this is a chance to realize the monsters as they had wanted.

The post also reveals just how dedicated the team at Supermassive Games is to getting the look and feel of Doctor Who “just right” and how dedicated they are to making this one of the greatest pieces of Doctor Who to date. I cannot do justice to all that Simon Harris says and I urge everyone to check out the article and read it in full.

One interesting tidbit I will leave you with though is this: In the article Simon mentions that one of the original four monsters were cut but they were not planning on revealing just who it was because “it will make an appearance in a future game”. I wonder if this means they are already setting the ground for a sequel if all goes well with The Eternity Clock. I for one can get behind it because I can never have to much Doctor Who in my life.

Source – PlayStation Blog

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