New Vita Game From Zipper Interactive, Unit 13

It seems that Zipper Interactive did not take the time to rest while they were putting the final touches on SOCOM 4 or shortly thereafter. A new game from the SOCOM and MAG studio is coming to Sony’s new handheld, the PS Vita. The game will be titled Unit 13 and will be a brand new property from the studio. It will, however, follow in the SOCOM vein of being a third-person military shooter. The PlayStation Blog has the exclusive reveal posted and they have thrown up several screen-shots of the new game on their Flickr page.

The game will include 36 missions for players to shoot through as well as lots of social features. The game will include a notification system that works over Wi-Fi or 3G so that players can be updated if their friends beat their score on the leader-boards or if friend want to play some co-op missions. So far the Vita games have me really excited for the system to hit next year and this is one more game that I am adding to my “must try” list.

The game is set to come out “right around” the Vita launch. As stated by Chris Roper in the comments, if it isn’t out on launch day then it will be out soon after that.

Source – PlayStation Blog 

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