Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time Landing on PS Vita As Well

The brand new Sly Cooper game from Sanzaru games was revealed to not only be landing on the PlayStation 3 but coming to the PS Vita as well. The announcement was made on GameTrailers TV and the PlayStation Blog. The Vita version of the game will be out day-and-date as the PlayStation 3 version and the Vita version will sport some exclusive controls as well. The game is due out in the Fall of 2012 and looks like it is shaping up nicely. This game will also feature the cloud save feature that will allow you to save your game on one console and start it up on another.

While many people have asked in the comments of the PS Blog article, there is no definitive answer on whether purchasing a copy of one version will allow a discount or complimentary access to the other version. I really hope Sony allows for a discount or better yet complimentary access, it would be a wonderful PR move and would go a long way to garnering more favor with fans.

Source – PlayStation Blog

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