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Children of Morta – First Impressions


It’s dangerous to go alone.. Take this shield and this sword and these hugs from your kids and these kisses from your wife and depart on an RPG adventure to fight back “The Corruption” that is infesting the land of Rea.

Assuming the role of one of the heroic Bergson family members, you enter Mount Morta to fight your way to better armor, upgraded weapons, faster movement and more quality time with the Bergson Family.

A beautiful 16 bit 3/4 top down story driven action RPG developed by Dead Mage and Published by 11 Bit Studios (Frost Punk, Moonlighter)


First Impressions

According to HowLongToBeat dot Com, an average play through will take about 13 hours. I’m in at around 5 hours total this week after playing about half of that as a single player and the other half as a couch co-op partner (thanks Ethan!)

Most of my time was spent hacking and slashing through the dungeons of Morta as John Bergson and occasionally as Linda Bergson while getting to know the rest of the Bergson clan through story with the promises of unlocking more playable Bergson’s as I progress.

I leveled up my Warrior John and Archer Linda during my battles but I also collected “Morv” (looks like gold to me) to take back to the Bergson’s family home to upgrade our family attributes. Progressing all the characters at once.

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